Monday, May 24, 2010

Article Mashup

She does not need to rely on charisma to win over voters, because she is a pragmatic politician who inspires confidence, and is known for her ability to compromise. Rising through the ranks, she was chosen to lead the party in 2000- just 5 years before being elected Germany's first female chancellor.

"Literature is my utopia. Here I am not disenfranchised." Thus, she proved she could communicate in the world of sight and sound- and showed that the disabled can be independent, using language to liberate the blind and the deaf.

On the front cover of Rolling Stone magazine, she tells the world "it's a sad thing- there are only about 100 000 koalas left in Australia. Something like 80 percent of the koalas' habitat has been destroyed since Europeans arrived in Australia", sending a valuable message through her notable change of heart towards posing nude.

Note: the last paragraph possibly needs reworking. Will discuss in studio

Monday, May 10, 2010

Experiment 3

The Valley

I chose to model the Ka'a'awa Valley in Hawaii, being part of Helen Keller's home country, the USA.
As a volcanic valley, it strongly shows the issue of power.

Below are some preliminary Fraps images:

This next imagine is a professional crysis wars model of the valley

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Final Axonometrics

Here are axonometric drawings for my final design.
I needed to change it from previous options, because there were too many blocks.
The lab on the bottom left/top right (with two platforms) is meant for Stephen Hawking, reaching out towards the sky in the open air. The other lab will be embedded in a cave, to show Darwin's return to primitives as a subject for his study.


Please note: the texture below (on the left hand side) has one extra texture (second from the top left). I thought it would be interesting to look at how to create shading that tiles well to create something more interesting. It's not part of the 6 light-dark variations.


Link to FileFront


Labs and the Landform- explanation; link to the scientists

The lab designed for Charles Darwin is not a very exciting model, but is made so by the landform that surrounds it. I chose this particular landform (a cave) because of Darwin's particular interest in fossils, and how observing the past through geology can give us key insight into how we have evolved.
Although the quote I selected from him does not reflect this, I feel that I have used it in my model through my personal perspective on it; which is that Darwin is being a bit sarcastic and jovial in his self-abuse of limiting his career to merely churning out facts and figures. I think that he knows that there's a lot more to science than that, and I feel that this lab, embedded within the earth, would be a good place for him to feel a deeper connection with what he is analysing.

The lab for Stephen Hawking is less complex in meaning; I took his quote more directly and felt that he should be able to look out at space- both for inspiration and scientific experiment. His fondness for the 'human spirit' would, I feel, be explored well in an outdoor place such as this.

The ramp is part of the natural landform, linking to two scientists in a place where they can look out over the sea and the land. It also creates a cyclic path between the two labs, representing the shift in ideas from Darwin to Hawking; the latter being inspired by the former.