Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bridge Idea Progression

My first idea was an infinity symbol, to represent power as being cyclical. Further inspection led to the realisation that this did not effectively tie in the two women I have chosen (Miranda Kerr and Helen Keller), and could be re-worked to better represent the relationship between their power.

My core idea is that the power that both of these women hold is related to their physical bodies; Helen Keller's body limits her, but she finds power within herself to overcome those limitations. Miranda Kerr, on the other hand, uses her body directly as power- seen in my article mash up about posing nude to save the koalas.

With Fruszy's help, my infinity symbol progressed to a loop- a sort of diagrammatic view of how each of the women rise and fall through power over their lives. The first thought was to have the meeting place in Hyde Park, but I think that it would be difficult to find two points to 'bridge' over Hyde Park, so I instead intend to use Martin Place. The two paths of the loops will cross at the fountain in the middle, which has a stage above it that would be ideal for a meeting place. The fountain symbolises youth, and how important a time it was for both women to discover their power.

At the moment, I am developing my model of Sydney (a daunting task!) to include the Martin Place area. I hope it will all come together effectively.

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  1. I like :D ... I was also considering an urban landscape and to play with the existing buildings and the idea of power, but for the sake of diversity I want to try something radically different and place it in the middle of nowhere in the blue mountains :P lol