Thursday, June 17, 2010


The aspect of power that I chose to explore in this assignment is the physical power that both of these women (Helen Keller and Miranda Kerr) hold. In the case of Helen Keller, her physical condition took power away from her as a child, but ultimately empowered her as an adult, as she learned to harness it. On the other hand, Miranda Kerr's power peaks in her youth, declining over time as her physical state becomes less powerful.

I have tried to represent this juxtaposition through the loop in my bridge. Read from the pointed end to the open end, it follows the lives of the women- from birth, when they have equal power, across the fountain (representing youth) to where they will end up at the end of their lives. Crossing the bridge is like a physical exploration of their journeys through power. One could interpret the crossing of their paths as their realisation of their own power, and how they can control it (Helen Keller) or not (Miranda Kerr). I think that this could be one subject that they could discuss on top of the fountain below.

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